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Dark Days Away Teclado

Will Varley



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Dark Days Away


  G              C/G*           G 

   |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |     |  |  |  |     |  |  |  | 

Intro: G        C/G*     G 

C/G                                                     G     C/G*    G 
She could be my gas and water, she could be my electricity 
C/G                                                        G    C/G*    G 
She could be my son and daughter, she could be my daytime TV 
C/G                              G     C/G*    G 
She'd be my 17, 39, 48, 25 and more 
            D                   C                             G    C/G*   G 
She'd be my last glass of wine, she could be my drunken phone calls 

Well, she could be my sun and moon and the light thats fills the room (adone?/alone?) 
She'd be my hadron collider, my broken typewriter and more 

Well she'd be my whiskey and my gin, she could be my Marilyn Monroe 
She'd be the day that I left, she could be the day the day that I came home 

G Am7 G/B Cadd9 And she could take these D G/B D/A Cadd9 dark days away
Verse (from now on, you may add the 9 instead of just playing a C/G) She'd be my now and then, she could be my future and my long-lost past She'd be my lover and my friend, she'd be the answer when the question's asked She'd be my monday morning, tuesday night, saturday, thursday afternoon She'd be my "how have you been?", my "I'm alright" and my "see you soon" She could be my October winds and my november rain She'd be my brand new diamond ring and my rusty old chain Well she could be middle street half an hour before the sunrise Well she could be my (wardened beast?) she could be the one that keeps me up all night Chorus And she could take these dark days away Bridge Cadd9 D She'd be the air that I breathe and the wind that takes my ashes 'cross the mountain Cadd9 D She'd be the colors that I see, the black holes, the stars and their surrounding Cadd9 D She'd be my dreams and what I'm dreaming, she'd be what I remember bein' awake Cadd9 G/B D7/A G C/G G She'd be my first memories, my winin' rose in my dyin' days Chorus 2x And she could take these dark days away dark days away dark days away (end on Cadd9)

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