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Capture Me

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	  verse 1 
Am          C 
 I am held captive without You 
 G                  D 
Carried away by desire 
Am         C 
 Maker of everything 
            G                  D 
Won’t You fade me into Your design 
        Am7 C G D         Am7 C  G  D7(b9) 
Oh, my Father     Oh, my Father 

G Bm Capture me, won’t You capture me Em Am G/B C Eb Eb/D Eb/C G/B Come take hold of me, lose my life in Yours
(To Bridge: Gmaj7 Am G/B Am) verse 2 Am C I am held captive within You G D Drawn by the gift of the cross Am C Carry me in Your arms G D Like a shepherd ‘cause I still get lost Am C G D Am C G D7(b9) Oh, my Father Oh, my Father Bridge Gmaj7 Am G/B Am Gmaj7 Day and night, night and day, time unfolds to hear You say Gmaj7 Am G/B Am G Come to me, Your work is done, I will take You home my son

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