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Laura Teclado

Tony Bennett



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	  Introdução: C - Bm7/5- - E7 
 Am   D7                 G 
Laura is the face in the misty lights 
 Gm        C7                F 
Footsteps that you hear down the hall 
 Fm       Bb              Eb  
The love that floats on a summer night 
 Cm          Adim        D7   Bm     E7/5+ 
That you can never quite   and you see 
 Am   D7                 G  
Laura on a train that is passing through 
 Gm        C7                F  
Those eyes how familiar they seem 
 Fm      Bb              C 
She gave your very first kiss to you 
 D       Ab    G7               C 
That was Laura but she's only a dream. 


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