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Broken Bicycles Teclado

Tom Waits



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Broken Bicycles

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: One from the Heart (1982 Film Soundtrack)

(Tom Waits)


Cm Cm C# C# 
G7 G7/5+ Cm  

Cm              G 
Broken bicycles old busted chains 
Fm7                    G7         Cm 
with rusted handlebars out in the rain 
Cm                    G 
somebody must have an orphanage for 
Fm7                   A#7    D#        G7 
all these things that nobody wants any more 
C           A#madd9/5- Fm   Fm7 
September is reminding July 
G7              Gadd9- Cm7     C9 
it's time to be saying goodbye 
Fm7       A#7 
summer is gone 
    D#            Gdim 
but our love will remain 
     Fm7        Gadd9- 
like old broken bicycles 
C#7        G7sus4 
out in the rain 

Cm Cm C# C# 
Cm Cm C# C# 
G7 G7/5+ Cm  

Cm              G 
broken bicycles don't tell my folks 
there's all those playing cards 
G7            Cm 
pinned to the spokes 
Cm                       G 
laid down like skeletons out on the lawn 
Fm7              A#7           D#        G7 
the wheels won't turn when the other has gone 
C              A#madd9/5- Fm   Fm7 
the seasons can turn on a dime 
G7              Gadd9- Cm7   C9 
somehow I forget every time 
Fm7                            A#7 
for all the things that you've given me 
D#          Gdim 
will always stay 
Fm7        Gadd9- 
broken but I'll never 
C#7        G7sus4 
throw them away  

Cm Cm C# C# 
G7 G7/5+ Cm  


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