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Betty Was Black (willie Was White) Teclado

Todd Snider

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Betty Was Black (willie Was White)

Betty was black and Willie was white 
Betty and Willie got it on one night 
They climbed in a bottle of Tanqueray 
Fell in love that very day 
     C                   B 
They sat by the fire and listened to jazz 
    Bb                        A  
Had pretty little dreams like every couple has 
         C                            B 
But they had to be careful where they went out at night 
       Bb                  A 
'Cause Betty was black and Willie was white 
Willie's old man cut him out of the will 
He hired a lawyer and sent Willie the bill 
He said "Do what you want boy, anything's fine 
'"'Cause from now on you ain't no son of mine" 
And Betty's momma, she tried to understand 
But her Daddy just gave her the back of his hand 
Said "Get out of this house, girl, don't you ever come back" 
You see Willie was white and Betty was black 
The next few years were difficult ones 
They put up with sneers and social shuns 
And one fine year she bore a son 
They named him Tad and they dreamed of a year a little less bad 
When Tad could stand in a skin of brown 
A valedictorian's cap and gown 
And dream of a day when the future's bright 
And you could be proud to be black and proud to be white 
And dream of a day 
When it's all right 
That Betty was black and Willie was white 


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