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Just The Guy To Do It Teclado

Toby Keith

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Just The Guy To Do It

	  Or they just easier to spot in the dark? 
Girl, I'm just tryin' to cheer you up 
I saw you sittin' over here all alone, with a broken heart 
      D                                    E 
It's hurtin' you real bad, wish there was somethin' that I had 
             C#m7         F#m7 
I'd hook you up, get you through it 
           D                              E 
You might need a man to hold you 'til it don't 
I'm just the guy to do it 
Is that your pretty boy standin' there at the end of the bar 
He's got some nerve 
Talkin' loud and drinkin' with a red head ridin' shotgun on his arm 
He's such a jerk 
         D                            E 
I think he's a kuncklehead, all those ugly things he said  
            C#m7          F#m7 
Were out of line,  man he blew it 
          D                               E 
He might need someone to put him in his place 
I'm just the guy to do it 
                         D            E 
Baby, I can't mend your broken heart 
I can't take away your pain 
         D                            E                                F#m 
I can't promise you the sun is gonna shine when you're walkin' in the rain 
        A      D          E                  C#m         F#m 
If you need a hero for tonight, I can be the one, let me prove it 
               D                                 E 
Yeah, you just say the magic words and we'll be gone 
I'm just the guy to do it 
Do blondes really have more fun 
Or they just easier to spot in the dark? 


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