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Ford Truck Theme Teclado

Toby Keith

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Ford Truck Theme

E B 
I?m a Ford Truck man, that?s all I drive 
I ain?t got no boundaries, I don?t compromise 
                  E                         A 
I rather walk ten miles, then be down on my luck 
E                                 B             E 
Then ride around the block in any other pick up truck. 
                      B                        E 
You can see me in the highway in the left-hand lane 
              B                        E 
Lost out on a back road in the pourin? rain 
                   A                              E     A   
And I?ll pass that center line when the ride gets rough 
E                              B                    E 
Ain?t not doubt my king of the moutain?s built Ford tough. 

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