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Chick-fil-a Teclado

Tim Hawkins



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D D/C# F# Bm A G 
Chick-fil-A  I could eat their seven times a day. 
A D D/C# 
Where the people laugh and children play, 
Bm E G D 
Oh I?m in love with Chick-fil-A. 

D D/C# F# Bm A G 
Suddenly, I need waffle fries in front of me. 
A D D/C# 
With some nuggets, and a large sweet tea, 
Bm E G D 
Oh Chick-fil-A  you set me free. 

D/C# F# Bm A G E A D 
Kids get in the van so we can go there today. 
D/C# F# Bm A G 
But their stores are closed, 
E A D 
Oh I know, cause it?s Sunday. (Mutters.) 

D D/C# F# Bm A G 
Chick-fil-A  what a dirty rotten trick to play. 
A D D/C# 
Now I have to settle for Subway. 
Bm E G D (tag) E G D 
Oh I?m in love with Chick-fil-A. (Hums.) Chick-fil-A 

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