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Blame Teclado

Tiago Iorc



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	  Afinação: Eb. 
Intr (Em D/F# G A A4) (2x) 

Em D/F# G A A4 
I got your message on the fone 
It says -I'm feeling all alone 
And I'm the one to blame, well 
At least that's according to what you say 
 Am                 Bm 
But I think you're wrong 
    C                    D 
We we're never meant to belong 

       C                     G 
   When you've got nothing to hold on 
    D               Em 
   You blame it all on me 
     C                  G       Em          D   
   You need something to hold on, besides me 

Em D/F# G A A4 
It felt like turning into stone 
Made sure my feelings didn't show 
How could I be accused 
When deep inside you always knew 
 Am                 Bm 
That you could be wrong 
 C                D 
That I'd be long gone 


C D Em Bm C D Em Bm  
Em D/F# G A A4 (2x) 
(Solo -> C D Em Bm ) 


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