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He Knows The Sun Teclado

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He Knows The Sun


Intro:  C  G  Dm  Am    x4 

1st Verse: 

C                               G                    Dm              Am  
It seems like no one's ever gonna be happy here  

C                         G                                     Dm      Am   
Books under your arms won't help you now  

C                         G                Dm              Am 
Always on the lookout, so what's in sight?  

C                        G                Dm     Am 
Another week in life goes by  

C He knows the sun There goes a mind Am He knows a day of another kind G He knows the sun Dm All is pretty, oh so pretty
Repeat Intro x2 2nd Verse: C G Dm Am This can't possibly be the place to stay C G Dm Am Everyone wishes they were somewhere else C G Dm Am Always on the move, going nowhere C G Dm Am So another year in life just goes by Repeat Chorus x2 Break: Am Dm G C Am Dm G C Caught up by the fuzz of everyday life Am Bm G C There goes your bus from the platform Repeat Chorus x2

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