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Jealousy Teclado

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A                          F#m 
Jealousy has gone and got ahold of me 
                  D         E               A 
I could offer an apology or take one on the chin 
But honestly it gets a little hard to see 
                  D                E              A     A7 
Exactly what's in front of me when I see you with him 
      D          Dm 
But I can't tell no one 
        A      A7 
Cause I got no reason 
   B7            E          A   A7 
To be acting the way that I am 
      D        Dm 
And I can't do nothin' 
      A       A7 
And I need to come clean 
  B7                        E    E7 
I saw the way you looked at him 
     A                              F#m 
It's scandalous I saw his eyes move up your dress 
             D           E                A 
He was being obvious you said he's just a friend 
Slight caress I swear I saw your hand touch his 
                  D           E           A    A7 
I tried not to be envious but I can never win 
    D        Dm 
Too blind to focus 
       A       A7 
And to dead to notice 
     B7              E           A    A7 
That this could be a sign of the end 
      D        Dm 
And I know our love is 
A      A7 
Too contentious 
   B7                       E      E7 
To ever be exactly the same again 
                  A                                    F#m 
I'm back from the liquor store your clothes were lying on the floor 
                       D               E             A 
He's locked behind the bathroom door I tried to be a man 
   A                               F#m 
Oh help me Lord cause jealousy's a two edged sword 
                     D                   E             A 
I loved her less she loved him more than I could understand 

F#m D E A (2x) 

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