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Kidnap My Heart

(Eric Dill)

	  Intro:  D - Am - Bm - Gm - D - Am - Bm - Gm 

D2        Am 
Hey girl, whats your name 
  Bm                Gm 
I think I caught you looking my way 
D      Am          Bm            Gm 
Do you wanna know how to get me all to your own 
D        Am 
Weekends work the best 
Bm                 Gm 
I pick the place you do the rest 
D       Am           Bm             Gm 
Hey now don be shy but you got to keep me in line 

Bm                   A                      D  
Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me 
but you made me believe(pagkatapos mo ng strum pause then Chorus...) 

D A Kidnap my heart Bm G take me with you D A Kidnap my heart Bm G make my dreams come true D A Take me away D A C Cause falling in love ain very far G A Not far from the start D A Kidnap my heart.
verse 2: (kapareho rin ang chords sa verse 1) Can you get me up more Fun that I can ever dream of Could you tie me down Can you keep me hanging around I don wanna be here to keep you company Put your hand in mine got to hold on tight for the ride Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me but you made me believe **Chorus** Bm C You got to hold me tighter D Cause I a real fighter Don tear us apart >>>REREAT<<< **Pre-Chorus** **Chorus** kidnap my heart kidnap my heart...

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