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Remember Me Teclado

Stuart Hamblin

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Remember Me

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	   When you're C all alone and blue, 
 No one to C7 tell your troubles F to, Fm 
 Remember C me, I'm the G7 one who {C}loves you. G7 
 When this old C world has turned you down, 
 And not a C7 true friend can be F found. Fm 
 remember C me, I'm the G7 one who loves C you.  C7 
 And F through all kinds of weather,  
 You C know I'll never change, 
 Through the D7 sunshine and the shadows, 
 I'll G7 always be the same. 
 We're C together right or wrong, 
 Where you C7go, I'll tag a-{F} long. Fm 
 Remember C me, I'm the G7 one who loves C you. 
 After Instrumental break come back to bridge. 

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