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All of me Teclado




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All of me

Áño: 1986 - Álbum: To Hell with the Devil

Tono:  C Más
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	  INTRO: C F Fm C C7+ Am F Dm F G C C4 C C9 
All my life   
F                              G 
Searching for the one to share 
The space within my heart 
    Em               F     G4  G 
To stand right by my side 
Then you came to me 
                F          G 
Shining as the morning sun 
You gave your love to me 
           F   Em       Dm   G     
And I knew you were the one 
Pré - Refrão  
           C             F 
The one to share my life 
   G            C         F 
To make all the wrong so right 
G       C                A        Dm  
We will live as one for all eternity 
You and I 
C                      F      Fm  
I'm giving you all of me 
                   C           C7+ 
Cause you gave me all of you 
Am              F  
I'll love you forever 
    Dm                 G 
For you my love's so strong 
C               F        Fm  
I'm giving you all of me 
                   C         C7+ 
Cause you gave me all of you 
Am             F 
We'll stand together 
        Dm   Em   F      G     C   F  Fm  C 
And our love will always carry on 


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