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Blue Nose Teclado

Stompin' Tom Connors


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Blue Nose

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C My father was a Blue Nose, F and his dad through and through, G7 My mother, she's a Blue Nose, C and her mother's mother too, C We live in Nova Scotia where the F sea and sky are blue, G7 And when they call us Blue Nose, C we're goldang proud they do.
C From Sydney to the Yarmouth town F and all points in between, G7 It's just a magic picture book, C the like you never seen, C And the pioneer who settled here F and gave this land a name, G7 If he was called Blue Nose, C I wanna be called the same. F For we turned the wheels of industry before the days of oil, F When the Nova Scotia miners gave G7 the world their precious coal, C And we built the fastest sailing ship F that ever sailed the sea, G7 And if that was called Blue Nose, C that's good enough for me. ***Chorus C Now you might work in Halifax F or make Cape Breton steel, G7 But there's a bond between us C all we understand and feel, C And the world has seen our brothers F who went off to fight the war, G7 And if they were called Blue Nose, C could we be something more? F Down where the seafoods are the finest, F always grade A number one, F And the orchards of Anapolis, G7 they're the second best to none, C We love you, Nova Scotia, F may you stand forever proud, G7 And when they call you Blue Nose, C just smile and take a bow. ***Chorus C We live in Nova Scotia F where the sea and sky are blue, G7 And when they call us Blue Nose, C we're goddang proud they do.

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