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No Forgotten Man


From the woods of California to the banks of Ohio 

             C                                   G 
I've always worked each day God sent as best I'm able 

While both me and the crops they failed, those damn wolves came to my door 

        C                             G 
I just couldn't put no food upon the table 

D                               C 
Time to step up, boy, and be a man. 

So they stuck you 'neath a helmet and put a shovel in your hand 

             C                                G                               
Sayin' it's time to step up, boy, your family needs ya' 

And though we struggled hard to save, they say our money turned no good 

         C                                G 
And that there's not gonna' be enough to feed ya' 

D                              C 
And they say it never happened 'cause they can. 

         C                             G 
So they rob us of our livin', kick us down with shiny shoes 

     C                         G 
God knows we've paid for our dreamin' 

      C                                         G               Em 
And now they're trying to tell us that they'll own us 'till the end 

  D                                   C 
Someone better pray that luck means justice 

                      G          G////  G////  G//// 
'Cause I'll be no forgotten man. 

So they stuck me 'neath a helmet, put a gun into my hand 

       C                                   G 
Saying time to step up, boy, your country needs ya'. 

They rounded us like slaughter, they shipped us all to hell 

       C                                    G 
Sayin' what doesn't kill you boy is gonna' free ya'. 

  D                              C ////   C////    C//// 
Pretend it didn't happen if you can. 

      C                             G 
But I did my share of killin' and I took my share of war 

  C                      G 
God knows I bled for my leader 

    C                               G           Em 
And now you're trying to tell me my enemy's my friend 

       D                                C 
They'll only pray as long as there is freedom 

But I'll be no forgotten man. 

Instrumental BREAK 

These days I wheel the city, where the streets don't know my name 

         C                                      G 
They'll say time to move on boy 'cause no one needs you. 

In the shot glass there's no mercy, in your bottle only blame 

            C                                   G 
Though you shout the deeds you done no one believes ya' 

  D                               C////    C//// 
Come, man, spare a nickel if you can 

       C                          G 
Cause all I've got's a story, no kin to call my own 

       C                       G 
No photographs to pin upon a feelin' 

     C                                        G               Em 
But what you're trying to tell me makes the truth too hard to bend 

      D                                   C 
And maybe there's just too much made of freedom 

Then I'll be no forgotten man. 

       D                                    C 
'Cause one man's chains become another's freedom 

So I'll be no forgotten man. 

       D                                    C 
'Cause one man's chains becomes another's freedom 

                   G           G////   G////   G//// 
So you'll be no forgotten man. 

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