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Beer, Bait, And Ammo Teclado

Sammy Kershaw


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Beer, Bait, And Ammo

	           G                                   C 
Well now early one day I was on my way to my favorite fishin? hole 
                D                                                                    G 
I was thinking I could sure use another bottle of booze, my bait?s runnin? a little low 
          G                                              C 
Yea and a box of 12 gauge would be all the rage when I?m all liquored up and feelin? good 
     D                                                                   G 
Well just down the road there?s a place called Bubba?s, man he?s got the goods 

G C And the sign said beer, bait, and ammo, yeah they got everything in between D G Yeah they got anything any old beer drinkin?, hell raisin?, bonafide redneck needs G C They got your fishin? hooks they got your dirty books, they got your rebel flag on the wall D G Sign says beer, bait, and ammo, yeah, you ask me they got it all
Well now when I walked in I can?t even begin to describe just what I smelled Lord was it the catfish bait or something Bubba had ate Or was it those pickled eggs on the shelf Yeah, with a toothless grin he said boy come on in And make yourself right at home, I said no, no, no thank you man With a 12 pack of cans and I?ll be good to go And the sign said: Chorus Go to Key of A Chorus

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