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Such A Small World Teclado

Rodney Crowell


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Such A Small World

	  G A D 
D                 G 
Fancy meeting you here 
        A                 D                       G 
Tonight it's such a small world New York ain't my town 
             A                    D 
I don't come around but once in a while 
D              G 
This is such a surprise to see you 
A                    D                      G 
Girl your looking so good it's been a long time 
G                       A                       D 
Since you've crossed my mind it's such a small world 
G                     D    
Just one night on the town 
G              D                        A                         
I came looking around for something  to do 
D                   G 
Just a change of my plans on leaving 
A             D                      G 
And I'll stay around and  I run into you 
                    A                       D 
Which just comes to prove it's such a small world 
It's such a small world 
Em                   A 
I've lived alone for awhile 
It's such small  world 
Em                  A7 
This feel like I've fallen out of the sky  ??? 
You and me will always be 
Just looking for something that's already happened 
G                                       F#           Bm 
Years go by but you and I don't have to look beyond today 
G                D   A   G 
Maby just for tonight 
G                   D  A  G 
We can turn out the light 
G                          D 
Lay your heart out on the line 
Let go off your mind 
G                      D   A  G 
You know just what to say 
G                     D   A  G 
You know just what to do 
G                       D                    Bm    D 
You still look like the day when I first met you 
D                  G 
I'll be gone once again come morning 
A                D 
Like I've always done 
But  to see you tonight 
A                A                         D 
Makes everything alright it's such a small world 
               G                  A 
Right here you stand as if it was planned 
                  D      Em G  D    D A D 
It's such a small world 
>From Rodney Crowell "Diamonds & Dirt" 
Columbia Records 1988 


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