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Crying My Heart Out Over You Teclado

Ricky Skaggs



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Crying My Heart Out Over You

Áño: 2000 - Álbum: 16 Biggest Hits

	  G                                        D 
Off somewhere the music's playing soft & low 
    Am                D               G 
And another holds the one that I love so 
                                     C                  Am 
I was blind I could not see that you meant the world to me 
    C              D                  G 
But Like a fool I stood & watched you go 
G D Now I'm crying hy heart out over you Am D G Those blue eyes now they smile at someone new G C Am Ever since you went away, I cry a little more each day C D G 'Cause I'm crying my heart out over you
inst...verse G D Each nite I take the stairs up to my room Am D G It seems I hear you whisper in the gloom G C Am I miss your picture on the wall, I hear your footsteps in the hall C D G While I'm crying my heart out over you chorus..... chorus.....

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