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Reggaemilitis Teclado

Peter Tosh



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	                      Reggae Mylitis(Peter Tosh)1981. 

Chords Eb, Ab throughout entire song.    

Woke up this morning 
 With a funny funny feelin' 
 And that feelin' 
 Was an unusual feelin' 

 Inna my bone yeah 
 It inna my blood 
 Inna my toes 
 Coming up to my brain 

 Went to the doctor 
 To check out what's matter 
 I Went to the doctor 
 To find out the matter 

 Doctor said son 
 You have a Reggaemylitis 
 I said,"What" 
 Doctor said son 
 You have a Reggaemylitis 

 Is it contagious 
 Is it outrageous 
 Is it vicious 
 Or is it dangerous 

 Inna mi bones 
 Inna me blood 
 From my toes 
 Up to my brain 

 I can feel it inna my bones 
 Inna my ankle 
 From my toes 
 Up to my brain 

 Is it incurable 
 It's fit for desirable 
 It isn't curable 
 Fit for desirable 

 I have it inna my toes 
 Inna my ankles 
 Inna my knees 
 Up to my waist 

 Under mi ribs 
 Across mi shoulder 
 Inna mi finger 
 Up to my brain 

 Reggaemylitis I say... 
 You only catch it one way 
 It's reggaemylitis I say 

 Sometimes your temperature 
 It really gets higher 
 And the music 
 Sets your soul on fire 

 Got it inna my toes 
 Inna my knees 
 Inna my ankles 
 Inna my waist 
 Inna my heart 
 Inna my soul 
 Inna my mind 
 Come through my mouth 
 Inna my finger 
 Registered in my brain 

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