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Queenie Eye Teclado

Paul McCartney



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Queenie Eye

(Paul Epworth/Paul McCartney)

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	  Intro- D Dmaj7 D7 Dmaj7 D Dmaj7 D7 Bb 

There were (C) rules you never (D) told me, Then I came up with a plan. 
All the stories that you (A) sold me, Didn't help me under (A7) stand. 
But I had to get it (D) worked out, Had nobody who could help, 
So that in the end it (A) turned out, That I had to do it (A7) by myself. 

(G) Life's a game, (A) Life's for riches, (G) Dogs and bitches (A) hunt for fame, 
(Bb) Difficult to (C) know which (Faug) way to (D) turn. 
(G) You made the day, (A)on the switches, (G) Wicked witches (A) fan the flame, 
(Bb) Careful what you (C) touch in (Faug) case you (D) burn. 

(D) Queenie Eye Queenie Eye who's got the ball? 
(Dmaj7) I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket, (D7) 
OUT spells out, That's (Bb) out, (C) without a (Faug) shadow of a (D) doubt 
Coz you've been putting it a (Dmaj7) bout, Hear the people (D7) shout, hear the people (A) shout. 

(G) Play the game, (A) taking chances, (G) Every dance is (A) much the same, 
(Bb) Doesn't matter (C) which event (Faug) you (D) choose. 
(G) You never blame (A) circumstances, (G) with romances (A) seldom came, 
(Bb) Never pick a (C) fight you're (Faug) gonna (D) lose... 


It's a (D) long way to the (D7) finish where you've (G) never been before, 
I was (D) nervous but I (D7) didn't, now I'm (G) going back for more 
(D) (Dmaj7) (G) (D) (Dmaj7) (G)  
(G)Out (A)Out (G)Out(Bb)(C)(Faug)(D) x2..Chorus x2 

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