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Deep In A Dream Teclado

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Deep In A Dream

(Eddie DeLange and Jimmy Van Heusen)

	    E            E7M         E7          E6 
I dim all the lights and I sink in my chair 
     A            A5+        A7/13            A7 
The smoke from my cigrette climbs through the air 
     D           D6          Dm7+     Dm6 
The walls of my room fade away in the blue 
        Bm7       Bm5-/7    E7 
And I'm deep in a dream of you 
     E             E7M         E7         E6 
The smoke makes a stairway for you to descend 
    A          A5+             A7/13       A7 
You come to my arms, may this bliss never end 
   D         D6         Dm7+        Dm6 
For we love anew just as we used to do 
          D9        E7       A 
When I'm deep in a dream of you 
               C      Am     Dm7          G7 
Then from the ceiling, sweet music comes stealing  
    C             Gdim         Dm7    G7 
We glide through a lover's refrain  
             C      Am     Dm7          G7 
You're so appealing    that I'm soon revealing  
    C          Gdim     Dm7  G7 
My love for you over again 
    E        E7M         E7             E6 
My cigarette burns me, I wake with  a start 
   A           A5+             A7/13         A7 
My hand isn't hurt, but there's pain in my heart 
D         D6         Dm7+        Dm6 
Awake or asleep, ev'ry mem'ry I'll keep 
D9        E7       A 
Deep in a dream of you 

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