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Sister Teclado

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(Orenda Fink)

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	  So I accidentally transcribed the first part and figured I'd have to do the rest  
too since there were no other tabs or chords to this song online. 
Hope it works for you as it does for me! 

C Am x3 
G G 
C Am x3 
G G 

C   Am     C   Am 
Sister, oh sister 
    C           Am       G   G 
I remember when you were mine 
   C                  Am 
We walked through the fields 
     C           Am 
Took pictures in heels 
    C               Am      G    G 
But those were some simpler times 

    F                 C 
But then a love came along 
    F                  E5       D 
The love of a man that didn´t belong 

C Am x3 
G G 

C   Am     C   Am 
Sister, oh sister 
   C        Am       G   G 
He tried to tear us apart 
        C            Am 
Cause together we´re strong 
     C           Am 
But alone we are weak 
    C             Am        G     G 
And that´s how he likes his hearts 

    F              C 
But now that he is gone 
      F                E5        D               C   Am  
We´re back to laughing all night long, all night long 

C Am x2 
G G 

C   Am     C   Am 
Sister, oh sister 
    C           Am       G    G 
I remember when we would shine 
      C (let ring)         
We´re no longer two against the world 
But at least we are on the same side  


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