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Come on over Teclado

Olivia Newton John


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Come on over

Verse 1: 
  If my life gets like a jigsaw, 
  A                      E 
  With the pieces out of place, 
          B                            E 
  Come on over, put a smile back on my face 
  And if all my bad days came at once, 
  A                           E 
  You would know just what to do 
          B                           E 
  Come on over, baby you would see me through 
      A              B                 E A 
  And if you think I need you, come on over 
  Bring your love around, 
          G#m              F#m  B 
  You can dry away my tears 
      A              B                 E A 
  And if you think I need you, come on over 
  Lay your body down; 
      G#m            F#m 
  You know I will be here. 
  B                          E  A  E  A 
  So bring your love around 
Verse 2: 
  A      E 
  When I cannot see in front of me 
  A                     E 
  And I know my darkest day, 
           B                         E 
  Come on over, you can take it all away 
If you think, if you think I need you, come on over 
Contribuição: Marcio Mega([email protected]) 


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