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No Justice


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Only You

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	  Intro  D      
        C      G                D       C             G               D            C       G  
 For so long I headed down this highway. Not knowing where I'm headed for. Pray to God to give me  
         D            C               G                D  
some direction, lead you back to the footsteps of my door.  
C      G             D     C      G                  D  C       G                  D        C  
 Maybe I can't see clearly, maybe I don't know who I am. wanna feel the way I used to. Only you,  
     G (stop)...... D  
Only you  
C          G                       D         C         G                   D   C       G  
 Some say seasons change with the do ambitions, ways, and goals. Wonder if your  
                D                     C                                    G  
mind's still searching. Well it's so hard to see the sunlight when you're stuck down in this  
         C      G             D                       C           G                  D  
 Oh no... Maybe I can't see clearly, as I did before, and maby be I don't konw who I am, why  
                     C            G                 D                                    C 
can't I find myself. And I wanna feel the way I use to, when the sun lights up your face, only  
    G                      D  
you can take me from this place.  
     C         G         D                  C         G         D 
Only you, only you, only you.......... only you, only you, only you.  
C      G         D   
yeah e yeah only you.....  
     C         G         D   
ONly you, only you, only you  
     C        G        D  
Hold on, hold on, Hold on.....  

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