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This One's With Me Teclado




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This One's With Me


A                            D                             Esus   E  
I was dreaming about Heaven, dreamed I was standing at the pearly gates  
A                                      D                  Esus   E  
We were all there and I was so scared, in the presence of One so great  
D                E       A                    D  
I felt so very unworthy; I felt like running away  
                      E             D                    E     D E   
I bowed my head and I turned to go, when I heard Someone say:  
A E A D A E Father this ones with Me, a part of the family. One of the reasons I died E on Calvary A D A D E A Father welcome Him in, I paid the price for him. Father, O Father this A one's with Me
A D Esus E I was dreaming about Heaven, when I looked up the gates were open wide A D Esus E And in the distance, I saw Jesus. Our eyes met and I began to cry D E A D Angels robed in their beauty, were there to show me the way E D E And all of Heaven was singing when I heard His voice say - Chorus BRIDGE G D E A D Finally we were there face to face and He placed on me heaven's crown. I fell down on A E my kness, laid my crown at His feet then He said, tenderly - Chorus

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