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Supernatural Teclado

Michale Graves



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Intro: Am, G, Em, F    x3 

         F            G       Am   
We will sit in this darkness until 
      F      G     Am 
The answers are revealed 
     F      G     Am 
So quietly if you must 
Take a moment 
   Am   G   F 
To see like me 
G                F 
I can't do the impossible 

Chorus: Am, G, Em, F      x4 

     Am        G        Em    F         Am,   G,  Em,  F      
So, You can't expect me to be supernatural(aaal) 
 Am        G        Em     
I'm not allowed to talk about it 
 F       Am  G   Em 
I'm not so sure 
I'm supernatural 

Outro: Am 

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