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Me And You Teclado

Michael Reno Harrell



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Me And You

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 D A Bm G 
 D A G D 

verse 1: 

  D                         A 
  It rained every day for a week 
             Bm                           G 
  we had pots and pans and cans everywhere there was a leak 
      D                                         A 
  the sheetrock in the living room came down in one big sheet 
           Bm             G          D 
  on the couch and the TV and you and me 

  D A 

          Bm               D 
  Tell you what we need to do 
          Bm                              G          A 
  remember that above the clouds the sky is always blue 
        D                              G  
  and if I were a bettin' man I'd tell you what I'd do 
             A               D 
  I'd bet it all on me and you 


  D A Bm G 
  D A G D 

verse 2 (same chords as verse 1) 

  We put every dime we had in that old car 
  but it's gettin hard to count on cause its gettin hard to start 
  we're better off to walk these days if it ain't all that far 
  to the place we gotta be you and me 

Chorus (same lyrics and chords) 

verse 3 (same chords as verse 1 and 2) 

  Well I hear they're callin for a hurricane 
  and I don't think this old house can stand another drop of rain 
  forget evacuation that old car wont stand the strain 
  but we'll make do we'll make it through me and you 

Chorus (same lyrics and chords) 

Ending chords: 

D A G D 

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