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Bad Guy Teclado

Meghan Tonjes



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Bad Guy

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           F          C             G         Am 
There's a boy on the coast that I'm sorry to say 
    F        C              G 
I tore him right from the ground 
     F                     C          G          Am  
and, I brought him some trouble like he'd never seen 
            F               C         G          Am  
There's a road that I've traveled to get where I am 
       F        C          G  
And I know I'm just a bit far 
            F      C          G         Am 
Maybe I've had a little too much in my cup  
           G     Am               F     
and, I'm sorry if I didn't say it enough  

Am F C G Am Oh love, this is the part where you go F C G Am and I fall to my knees on the floor F C G F and now maybe I'm wasting my time F but, I'll be the bad guy
There's a heart that is beating right out of my chest and I held my hand to the wind I was bold, I was brave I was foolish to go and I'm sorry for everything, I just don't know Chorus No one is telling me you just wont talk to me tell me what all this is for if you used to see in me something you could believe know that this is worth fighting for there's a boy on the coast yeah, I think of him now I wonder what did I do and I thought we were fine standing right where we should and, I'm sorry don't trust me with anything good Chorus/

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