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Max Stalling

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	  By, Max Stalling 
From the CD, Comfort in the Curves 
Here is a song by a great Texas singer-songwriter, Max Stalling.  
The song is recorded mostly with acoustic guitar and harmonica; It's played  
with a slow shuffle beat. I'm not too sure how easy it would be to find the  
CD outside of the  
Dallas area, but if you could, it's well worth listining too....  
D Well, there he sits huddled by his Em7 fire 
Dreaming his G dreams that he's dreamed  D before 
Just watching those sparks drifting up to Em7 heaven 
And watching his G hopes drift away like D smoke 
Just look at those sparks drifting up to Em7 heaven 
Seeking a G place among the D stars 
Do you think sparks dream of Em7 being stars 
And if they G do, do they know they're D fools 
Em7 He drifted to town some years ago with the D first fall snow 
Em7 He spoke of the circuit and all the bulls that he?d D rode 
But the G bulls had outdone him and all he'd wound up with  
Were D broke bones and handfuls of Em7 dirt 
And if you'd G had his dreams you'd know how that must have D hurt 
D So just let him be a broke down old Em7 cowboy 
Just let him  G dream his worn out old D dreams 
He's tall in his tales where he was  Em7 quicker than most 
And if you had G know him then you'd know he's not one to D boast 
Em7 Just look how he walks when he sees a D lady 
Em7 Straightens right up, tips a hat to those D near 
G And look at the kids. ten steps behind him 
Whispering D things they think he Em7 can't hear 
But if you could  G see his eyes you'd know he damned well  D hears 
D So just let him be a broke down old Em7 cowboy 
Just let him G dream his worn out old D dreams 
He's long in the tooth; Em7 he's bent frail and fragile 
But if you had G know him then you'd know he might speak the D truth 
Em7 We?ve all have our dreams that we carry D around 
Em7 Some dreams go with us right into the D ground 
G Sparks turns to ashes; cowboys meet their matches 
And the D quickest they don't Em7 always win 
But G dreaming's your first step and one steps where journeys D begin 
D So just let us be broke down old Em7 cowboys 
Just let us G dream our worn out old D dreams 
We're tall in our tales Em7 where we were so damned much quicker than most 
And if you had G know us then you'd know we're not the type of people who 
A7 boast? D 
There you have it, friends. Hope ya'll enjoy! 

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