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Heart Of Steel Teclado



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Heart Of Steel

                           tabbed by William Blake 
build a fire of thousand miles away 
G                               Am 
to light my long way home 
I ride the comets my trial is long to stay 
 G                                  Am 
Silence is a heavy stone 
   C                  D               Am 
 I fight the world and take all they can give 
    C                                 G                  Am 
 there are times my heart hangs low    
   C                           D                         Am    
 Born to walk against the wind born to hear my name 
   C                           G                          Am 
 No matter where i stand i 'm all alone 

Em C D G Stand and fight live by your heart Am C Always one more try G D I'm not afraid to die Am C D G Stand and fight say what you feel Am Bm C B C D Born with a heart of steel
A5 F5 Burns the bridge behind you A5 Leave no retreat G5 There's only one way home A5 F5 Those who laugh and crowd the pat And cut each other's throats G5 A5 Will fall like melting snow C5 D5 And they will kneel A5 And know this heat of steel C5 G5 A5 ..was.. to hard to break to hard to hold chorus

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