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On A Bright May Morning Teclado

Loreena McKennitt



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On A Bright May Morning

Am Dm   F  G  C    F  C  Dm  G 
F   G   Dm   F   G 

   Dm               F        G     C 
As I roved out on a bright May morning 
                    F  C        Dm      G 
To view beyond, the meadows and flowers gay 
     F                   G          Dm 
Whom should I spy but my own true lover 
   F                 G 
As she sat under yon willow tree 

  Dm                    F     G    C 
I took off my hat and I did salute her 
            F    C        Dm        G 
Oh, I did salute her most courageously 
         F                        G                    Dm 
When she turned around, well, the tears fell down from her 
         F                           G 
Saying, "False young man, you have deluded me" 

       Dm             F       G     C 
"And a diamond ring I owned, I gave you 
               F       Am      Dm         G 
A hard diamond ring to wear on your right hand 
        F                        G              Dm 
But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them 
    F                       G 
And married the lassie that had the land" 

      Dm                      F       G        C 
"If I married the lassie that had the land, my love 
               F   C        Dm    G 
It's that I'll rue till the day I die 
        F                      G            Dm 
When misfortune falls, sure no man can shun it 
   F                    G 
I was blindfolded, I'll ne'er deny" 

Dm   F  G  C    F  C  Dm  G 
F   G   Dm   F   G 

       Dm                     F      G   C 
Now at nights when I go to my bed of slumber 
               F       C         Dm    G 
My thoughts of my true love, run in my mind 
       F                  G            Dm 
When I turned around to embrace my darling 
  F                        G 
Instead of gold, sure it's brass I find 

      Dm                        F        G C 
And I wish the Queen would call home her army 
              F Am     Dm          G 
From the West Indies, Amerikay and Spain 
    F                G        Dm 
And every man to his wedded woman 
   F                         G 
In hopes that you and I will meet again 

Am Dm   F  G  C    F  C  Dm  G 
F   G   Dm   F   G 

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