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(Lindsay Korth & Isaac Silva)

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D             A11/D           G6 
Young man old walking down the road 
D             A11/D              G6    D  A11/D 
Taking in his baggage wounds and love 
G6                                D    A11/D    G6 
 coming back to you my little one 

D                A11/D              G6 
Bright blue sky like this I never seen 
D              A11/D          G6 
Since that day when I left you here 
D             A11/D     G6                      D  A11/D   G6 
Suffering and pain were all that they gave me to see 

Dm7                     D 
Bombs dropping down the sky 

Dm7                        D 
Bodies falling down on the earth 
F6                      D5                    F6       Em7    D A11/D   G6   (repete 2X) 
All my friends they are gone and I don know why they had to go 

D                     A11/D            G6 
All these flowers and birds surrounding me 
D                A11/D       G6 
Bring me back my sweetest memories 
  D   A11/D    G6                            D  A11/D    G6 
I see you running 'round with butterflies and tunes 

Dm7                      D 
Your curled hair and its waves 
Dm7                      D 
I run my hand and see it fade 
F6                    D5 
Beyond the hills that still are yet to come 
F6    Em7      D 
Until I with you 
F6    Em7      D 
Until I with you 
F6    Em7 
Until I 
F6    Em7 
Until I 
F6    Em7      D 
Until I with you 

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