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Stardust Teclado

Lena Meyer-landrut



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We've been waiting for the sun 
We've been waiting for the sun 
to come out and play 
All these rainy days 
are getting old 

C We've been waiting for the stars we've been waiting for the stars F just to light away G and take the night away C and paint us gold
C So no one can catch us nothing can change this F covered in stardust things so golden C jumping off the edge reaching for the moon F living everyday things all go like: C oohhooo oho oho oho oho G oohhooo oho oho oho oho F C oohhooo oho oho oho oho oooh C We are waiting on a dream We are waiting on a dream F so we go to sleep G but nothing happens when C we wait too long so we'll go and (Chorus) Interlude: C F C F yeah yeah (Chorus) end on: C

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