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Your Mama Don't Dance Teclado

Kenny Loggins



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Your Mama Don't Dance

Áño: 1993 - Álbum: The Essential Kenny Loggins

	  Kenny Loggins/Jim Messina 
transcribed by Vance Augustine 
[email protected] 


C7                           G7 
Your Mama don't dance and your Daddy don't rock n' roll 
Your Mama don't dance and your Daddy don't rock n' roll 
D7                                               C7 
When evenin' rolls around and it's time to go to town 
where do you go        to rock and roll 
the old folks say that you gotta end your day by ten 
if you're out on a date and you bring it home late, it's a sin 
there just ain't no excuse and you know you're gonna lose and never win 
I'll say it again, (spoken)And it's all because ......  (repeat verse 1 
then bridge) 
Bb-C*                        Bb-C* 
you pull into a drive-in and find as place to park 
Bb-C*                              Bb-C* 
you hop into the back seat where you know it's nice and dark. 
Bb-C*                                 Bb-C* 
you're just about to move in, you're thinkin' it's a breeze 
Bb-C*                                             Bb-C* 
there's a light in your eye and then a guy says 
(spoken) "Out of the car, long hair" 
D7                     C7                              G 
oo-wee, you're comin' with me, the local police 
(spoken) and it's all because..... (repeat verse 1 again then end with) 
Where do you go     to rock and roll (3 times. end on G7) 

* Slide up from a  Bb to a C chord on all these 
additions/corrections/comments welcomed. 

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