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Always Enough Teclado

Kari Jobe



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Always Enough


Intro D      A  Bm 

Verse I 

D         A                       Bm 
I lift my hands to the highest of all 
As I draw near 
D             A                       Bm 
Surrender my life to Your promise, oh God 
There is no other 

G D I will find my life in You Bm You're always enough A Always enough G D Let the fullness of Your love Bm Be all I need A All I need
Verse II D A Bm Consume me, come like a fire, oh God Reign in me D A Bm For You alone will satisfy There is no other Instrumental D G/D D G/D Bridge I D G/D If I have You, I have everything D But without You, I have nothing Bridge II D G If I have You I have everything (G) But without You, I have nothing

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