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Orange Julius


intro chord: G7 x10910xx (x7, bend a lot, make it sound dissonant) 

chords: F Em C G 

F                              Em 
stretching out cheap cotton over your thick skull 
C                   G 
oh i do feel awful on my way to school 
F                            Em 
can you picture my reaction to the word op on the wall 
C                              G 
is there really something wrong with me 

F                              Em 
stretching out cheap cotton over your thick skull 
C                               G 
im down here under the pavement so unept until 
F                         Em 
you grab that pen beside you jam it into your eye 
C                              G 
see now youre my kinda man yeah youre a standup kinda guy 

F                          Em 
i am dying of embarassment i'm dying of this hatred 
C                                 G 
i can't rest until you know this bitterness that i have tasted 
F                   Em 
such humiliation from the first and only time 
i'm obsessed with your self righteousness  
G G              G G          
cut in half by your smile 

F                  Em    
into the night, youre getting harder to believe in 
C                                 G     
youre the cold and quiet paradise transfixed by your breathing 
F                   Em 
into the night, youre the one thing i don't hate 
C                                 G 
youre the cold and quiet paradise my only true escape 
F                Em C G(you get the point hopefully) 
into the night (wha-oh's) 

end on F then C 

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