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Autumn Leaves Teclado

Johnny Mercer



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Autumn Leaves

(Joseph Kosma / Jacques Prevert / Mercer)

Em           Am  Am7 D7          Gmaj7   Cmaj7        
The falling leaves     drift by the window   
            Am     B7           Em  
The autumn leaves    of red and gold   
           Am  Am7 D7         Gmaj7   Cmaj7  
I see you lips      the summer kisses   
              Am   B7          Em  
The sunburned hands  I used to hold   
          B7                     Em  
Since you went away the days grow long   
              Am         D         G   E7  
And soon I'll hear   old winter's song   
      Am               B7      Em           
But I miss you most of all my darling   
     Am            B7          Em  
When autumn leaves   start to fall.  


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