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Murmuration Teclado

Johnny Flynn



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(Johnny Flynn)

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	  Chords in parentheses are F-shaped barre chords, take the notes on the E string  
and put the chord there. 

B7           (F#)              A      E 
The grass is long in the light my love 
B7       (F#)         A 
And ever go to light 
B7            (F#)            A          E 
When the hawk is high in the house for us 
B7          (F#)          A 
He guards all of the blue sky 
B7           C#m           (A)       E 
When winter comes and the night's cold 
B7        C#m (G#)   (A)    E 
I'll take your hand to hold 

I dreamt I flew with the saints last night 
I know them all by wing size 
And up there it just doesn't count for naught 
Whether you're clever or wise 
When everyone is talking at the very same time 
I can still hear your voice my dear 

Janice yes the actor and Agnes the crow 
Are two of the truest to fly 
I know she is a stout heart 
And though we had a full start 
There's a promise and truth in his eye 

C#m            (A)         (F#)        E 
And it's a stout heart that catches the rain 
C#m            (A)          B7        E 
And it's a stout heart that feels the pain 
(G#)            (A)         (F#)      E 
And it's a stout heart that loves again 
C#m        (G#) (A)  E 
And it's a stout heart x2 

And everyone goes against the wind sometimes 
When the shipping folk are strong 
You said we were landlocked and stuck to the soil 
Guess they never heard of us winning through 
B7              C#m           (A)      E 
Let's gather us up to the heavens above  
C#m     (G#)      (A)          E 
We can always come back my love 
C#m    (G#)         (A)    Am (barre chord) 
We can always come back... My love 

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