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You're My God Teclado

John Honold



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You're My God

(John Honold)

D                             Bm 
Jesus my Lord, You know me so well 
    C                         A7 
You know my going out, You discern my lying down 
                   D                        Bm 
You're precious to me, Your thoughts are so dear 
     C                                  A7 
If I tried to count them all, they'd outnumber all the sands 
     Bm               F#m             G               A7 
If I rise on wings of dawn, go to the far side of the sea 
   Bm             F#m      G                 A7 
No matter where I go, Your hand will comfort me 
          D        Bm       G             A7 
You're my God, I'm proud, I want to sing about You 
            D         Bm       G                A7 
Praise Your name, out loud, I want the world to hear 
Bm G D A7 You're my God, You make my mountains into pathways Bm G D A7 You're my God, You change my darkness into light Bm G D A7 You're my God, You promise never to forsake me (Oh Lord) G A7 D You're my God, and I'm your precious child
©1989 Straight Street Publications, UBPO All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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