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Loss Teclado

John Frusciante



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(John Frusciante)

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	  Intro 4x: A  E  C#  C#7  F#m 


A                          E 
 We make the music that divides you 
 C#         C#7                F#m 
It's handed down as a thing to cry to 

A                               E 
 And all my wars they treat you kindly 
 C#          C#7                F#m 
There's nothing more important that I see 

A                              E 
 There was a time when all was empty 
C#         C#7                F#m 
Unorganized a clog a death scene 

A                                E 
 Things opened up and there's so many 
C#         C#7                F#m 
Paths to walk ports of entry 

E F#m Now that I'm gone E F#m Now that I'm long gone E F#m This minute has come and gone Bm F#m A E I never said to do anything but forget me E F#m I can't be lost E F#m I've learned everything from loss E F#m For what's gained there's an inner cost Bm F#m A E I wont pay it I never would
Verse: We met the seasons back in Long Town There was a hint of sadness going round We met the brothers who drove arrows And shot assumptions wide and narrow I know I mean what I'm forgetting We give for everything we're getting A lot that hasn't been put away It's building up for that fateful someday Chorus: Now that I'm gone Now that I'm long gone This minute has come and gone I never said to do anything but forget me When it seems I'm around Check again what's up and what's down Many silences make a sound I'm before the equation and I'm the answer Bridge and Solo: (short) (short) (long) (long) (short) (short) A E Bm A E D

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