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Sadie Teclado

Joanna Newsom



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	  I used Hackenbush's tab, which is great by the way, I just made it into basic chords. 

Song is in 3/4 --  

G  Bm  C  Bm      
Sadie, white coat 
G       Bm      C       Bm 
you carry me home 
       G  Bm  C  Bm 
And bury this bone  
        G       Bm      C       Bm 
and take this pine cone 

Bm D      Am C   
Bury this bone to  
G             Gmaj7 
Gnaw on it later 
Gnawing on the telephone 
Bm      D               Am              C 
Until then, we pray and suspend 
       G                Gmaj7      Em 
The notion that these lives do never end 

And all day long we talk about mercy 
G                                    C          D       G 
Lead me to water, Lord, I sure am thirsty 
Down in the ditch where I nearly served you 
G                                    C          D       G 
Up in the clouds where he almost heard you 

And all that we built and all that we breathed 
And all that we spilt, or pulled up like weeds 
G                                  C            D         G 
Is piled up in back and it burns irrevocably 
Em                                            C         D               G 
And we spoke up in turns 'til the silence crept over me 

G               Bm              C       Bm        
And bless you, and I deeply do 
                G    Bm  C  Bm    
No longer resolute, oh and I call to you 
G          Bm   C  Bm     
But the water go so cold 
          G       Bm    C            Bm 
And you do lose what you don't hold 

              Bm        D       Am              C 
This is an old song, these are old blues 
        G               Gmj7            Em 
And this is not my tune, but it's mine to use 
           Bm         D         Am                      C 
And the seabirds where the fear once grew 
G                       Gmaj7           Em 
Will flock with a fury and they will bury what'd come for you 

And down where I darn with the milk-eyed mender 
G                       C       D       G 
You and I, and a love so tender 
Stretched on a hoop where I stitched this adage: 
G                               C       D               G 
"Bless our house and its heart so savage" 

And all that I want, and all that I need 
And all that I've got is scattered like seed 
G                               C               D        G 
And all that I knew is moving away from me 
Em                              C               D               G 
And all that I know is blowing like tumbleweed 

        G               Bm              C               Bm 
And the mealy worms in the brine will burn 
        G       Bm              C                  Bm 
In a salty pyre among the fauns and ferns 
             G          Bm                  C           Bm 
And the love we hold, and the love we spurn 
                G       Bm      C       Bm 
Will never grow cold, only taciturn 
        G       Bm      C       Bm 
And I'll tell you tomorrow 
G       Bm      C               Bm 
Sadie, go on home now 
        G       Bm              C               Bm 
And bless those who've sickened below 
        G       Bm              C               Bm 
And bless us who have chosen so 

And all that I've got and all that I need 
I tie in a knot and I lay at your feet 
G                                       C         D                G 
And I have not forgot, but a silence crept over me 
Em                              C                       D               G 
So dig up your bone, exhume your pine cone, my Sadie 

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