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Painted Red Teclado

JJ Heller



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Painted Red

(JJ Heller)

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	  "Painted Red" 

C  Em  D/F#  G  D 

C                   Em 
If I could not hold a pen 
        D/F#                    G       D 
I would write of you on my heart instead 
C                               Em 
You have bought me with your blood 
       D/F#                    G        D 
And I am painted red by your love 

C  Em  G  D      C  Am  G  D 
Ooh ... 

C                  Em 
If I could not say a word 
      D/F#                        G           D 
My life would speak of love I don't deserve 
C                          Em 
Hope means holding on to you 
D/F#                       G              D 
Grace means you're holding me too 

C  Em  G  D      C  Am  G  D 
Ooh ... 

C  Em  G  D      C  Am  G  D 
Ooh ... 

If you watch the live performance on youtube you can watch the guitarist hands for  
parts.  Hope This is helpful!   

~Ed Hrebec III 

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