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Psalm 46 Teclado

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Psalm 46

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Intro: B Bsus4 B 

      E           F#           B 
the LORD* is my refuge and strength 
        E     G#m   F# 
therefore i will not be afraid 
                E      B      G#m F#  E 
though the mountains give way and fall into the sea, 
       F#           B Bsus4 B 
He will come and rescue me 

the LORD* comes to me at break of day 
He reaches down to guide me in His way 
though the oceans roar in this dark and stormy sea 
He will come and rescue me 

       E               B2 B 
 halleluYah, He is with me 
      E           G#m     F# 
halleluYah, we cannot be moved 
      E D#         G#m 
halleluYah, He is with me 
      E F#       B        Bsus4 B Bsus4 B 
halleluYah, I rest secure 

be still and know that He is God 
He will be exalted over all 
come and behold, His strength and majesty 
yet He will come and rescue me 

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