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Bastard Out Of Texas Teclado

Jasper Stone

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Bastard Out Of Texas

	  Intro D C G  C D G 
D	     C			     G	    D		    C 
At 14 I was on the run I stole the family car Drove that Impala north and I 
rode it hard 
	D		       C		    G		      C 
D	  G 
They caught me stealin' groceries in  Beebe Arkansas Judge said you're 
guilty as charged 
     C	    D		     G 
Said son I know exactly what you are. 

D C G D G You're just a bastard straight out of Texas You've been guilty since birth D C G C D G You're just a bastard out of Texas And where I 'm standin' you're guiltier than most
D C G D C G Shacked up with a girl down from Omaha One morning she said I ain't gonna pay your rent no more D C G She gave me this little speech while I was broken down on the wooden floor C D G C D G Said I ain't taken it no more She said "boy, I know exactly what you are" Chorus Solo D C G D C G Driving down I-35 on vapors and Mad Dog Slid across that border into the sand's of Mexico D C G C D had a simple plan with pockets of cash ready to burn My plan was flawed and I crashed G C D G down hard They said we've seen you act before Chorus These guys are great. Pure cranked-up country! Please direct all suggestions, corrections, additions, and cussins to The Big L ([email protected])

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