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Salt and Light Teclado

Jamie Smith



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Salt and Light

Intro< b> 1(pickup selectoion 4, Tone 1 on 7, tone 2 on 1): 
a-5-3-5-5-3-5-3-2-3-3-2-3-(intro 2 starts here)2-1-2-3-2-3-3-2-3-5-3-5-5-3-5-(repeat)------- 
Intro< b> 2(pickup selection 3, tone knob 1 on 7, tone knob 2 on 10) 
A    G    A    G    G    F#m    G    F#m   F#m   F   F#m   G    F#m     A       
Asus2                          Gsus2 
You make me want to be like you, 
Your holiness I will Persue, 
Gsus2                 Asus2 
I want the heart of Jesus 
Asus2                         Gsus2 
Show me the meaning of your grace 
I want to give the world a taste 
Gsus2           Asus2          
Of the love of Jesus!!! 
(Power Chords) A E F#m7 Make me salt,Make me Light D A E D Let your Holy fire ignite, Reveal your glory in my life A E F#m7 D I am not ashamed, to lift up your holy name A E D Make me salt, Make me Light!!! Bridge: Guitar Bridge part is Intro!!! A G A As a city on a hill G A lamp on a stand
F#m7 E F#m7 G Mold me in your image, At the work of your hand(Chorus< b>) ending is intro!!!

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