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Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft And Low Teclado

James Vincent Mcmorrow



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Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft And Low


C     Am       G          F        G        C 
hear, hear the noise that moves so soft and slow 
 Am       G         F      G      Am 
thats the sound of freshly fallen snow 
              G                   F        C      G 
 your love is gold, your love is gold 
 C      Am       G               F        G       C 
seems, seems as though we?ll be stuck out here for days 
    Am     G         F         G       Am 
 to bang upon these drums that we have made 
          G           F  
 you never know, you never know 

 Am              F 
 my one, my only one 
  Am                 F 
 lies sleeping in the sun 
  Am                  F 
 gave chase and so we run 
     G                                 F/A 
 nothing breaks your stride like whats become 
 C         Am F   C    Am F 

stack, stack the frozen wood next to the shed 
 pile it up so high then paint it red, 
 confuse the dogs, confuse the dogs 
 and time, time we lost is resting on the stairs 
 the window out reveals the cooler air 
 and so we go, and so we go 

my one, my only one, 
 lied twice to keep me on 
 gave chase and so we sung 
 everything that ends has still begun 

         G             Am 
from the inside of my mouth 
        G             F 
 and the slow migration south 
       G         Am 
 it?s not to be denied 
     G         Am 
 it?s not to be denied 

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