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When I'm Lonely Teclado

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When I'm Lonely

	  E                 Aadd2/E
Eyes like an infant
Staring me down
 Aadd2/E       E                Aadd2/E
She'll take anything that's tied up
  C#m7              F#m7
In my glorious past

It's just 4 days 'til Sunday
Aadd2/E             E         Aadd2/E
When I say that I'm gone
Little one screams you cry
        Aadd2/E           C#m7        F#m7
Tell the pain to leave me alone

(Same as before)
It's just 2 days 'til Monday
Another week 'til the 4th
Is anyone listening or
Should I call on the Lord

G#          A
Oh believe me...
Sometimes I breathe
Sometimes I see
Then I dream a dream that won't come true
    A                           E
And I struggle with lies when I'm lonely

(Rest of song continues with same chord progression)

Someone called my name out loud about 4 a.m.
It wasn't you so I let her in
Just to see what she wanted
She left screaming because I called her by your name
But the next day she came to call
And we finished our game

Alright now
Some days I breathe
Some days I see
Then I dream a dream that won't come true
And I struggle with time when I'm lonely

Shep plays piano down in
Shandon on the other side of Rosewood
You said he wasn't your type
But you went anyway
You left screamin' cause you thought you would
Call him by my name
Ah and you whisper
Why do I do this
I can't go through this why do I do this, why

Sometimes I breathe
Sometimes I see
Then I dream a dream that won't come true
And I struggle with life when I'm lonely

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