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The Gold Rush Is Over Teclado

Hank Snow

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The Gold Rush Is Over

Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Cindy Walker 

G Oh! the gold rush is over so honey bye-bye C Stake out your claim now on some other G guy I've D7 wined you and dined you till my money is gone But the G gold rush is over and the bum's D7 rush is G on.
G Now when I had the money honey, things were just fine C You spent my money like I was a G mine But D7 now you mistreat me 'cause my money is gone So gold-{G} diggin' Mama, you can D7 start moving' G on. You shoveled out the sweet talk when the pay dirt was big But now all you shovel out is just a dirty dig Well, stop digging honey 'cause you're wasting your time This old gravy train is at the end of the line. CHORUS You've been out prospecting all around on the side But this old mule now, has had his last ride So start walkin' woman 'cause your grubstake is gone The gold rush is over and the bum's rush is on. CHORUS SOURCE: More Hank Snow Souvenirs; 1964 RCA LP-2812

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