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90 Miles An Hour Teclado

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90 Miles An Hour

	  This is the way I play it.  It's really easy 
Doug Boyea  [email protected] 
recorded by Hank Snow (in 1963) 
written by Hal Blair and Don Robertson 
Albums: Best of Hank Snow and  The Essential hank Snow 
I took you C home from a party 
and we kissed in fun, 
a G few stolen kisses and C no harm was done. 
Instead of F stopping when we could, 
we C went right on,  
until suddenly we found the F brakes were{C} gone. 
You belong to someone else and I do too. 
G It's just too crazy being C here with you. 
As a F bad motorcycle with the C devil in the 
Doin' 90 miles an hour down a F dead end C street. 
I didn't want to want to now I have no choice. 
It's too late to hear the warning voice. 
All I hear is thunder as our two hearts beat,  
Doin' 90 miles an hour down a dead end street. 
F You're not free to belong to me 
and you C know I can never be your own. 
Your{F} lips on mine are like sweet sweet wine, 
but we're C headed for a wall of G stone. 
Warning signs are flying by us but we pay no heed, 
Instead of slowing down the pace we keep pickin' up 
the speed. 
Disaster's getting closer every time we meet. 
Doin' 90 miles an hour down a dead end street. 

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